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Repair Sash Windows – North East

Below are some links to companies offering sash window repair, replacement and manufacturing services in the North East of England:

Blackthorn Timber Windows
Mallan House, Bridge End, Hexham, Northumberland NE46 4DQ
Tel: 01434 670 251

ERW Joinery Ltd
Renovation House, Skippers Lane, Skippers Lane Industrial Estate, Middlesbrough, Cleveland TS66HA
Tel: 01642 456 167
Fax: 01642 462 708

NJB Joinery
94 The Meadows, Sedgefield, Durham TS21 2DJ
Mobile: 07768 203 505

Samuel Crow 1861
The Carpenters Workshops, Back Diamond Street, Saltburn by the Sea, Yorkshire TS12 1EB
Tel/Fax: 01287 625625

Stained Glass & Leaded Lights

Tyne Valley Joinery
Unit 1 Prudhoe Station, Low Prudhoe, Prudhoe, Northumberland NE42 6NP
Tel: 01661 830 202
Fax: 01661 830 203

W A Hare & Son Ltd
94 Main Street, Kelfield, York, North Yorkshire YO19 6RG
Tel: 01757 248 188
Fax: 01757 248 999

Why Use Hardwood Sash Window Companies

Wood sash windows still have a place in many parts of Europe and particularly the United Kingdom. This appreciation can be explained by the way these windows are able  to provide such great beauty to any home and the fact that they hold great historic significance. This is especially true for wood sash windows as this was the material used in the days of old. These windows are generally made of soft or hardwood varieties.

Various materials are used by sash window companies to make window products. Hardwood is the preferred choice for companies producing wood sash windows and the reasons for this are many. Some of the hardwood species used by hardwood sash window companies are Cherry, Beech, Oak, Mahogany, Maple and Birch. Cherry is the best and most expensive of the lot.

Hardwood sash window companies prefer to use hardwood and not softwood because of the following reasons:

a) One of the reasons sash windows are popular is because of their traditional appearance and hardwood serves this purpose very well to achieve that unique traditional look. Hardwood was mostly used in Victorian and Georgian homes and it would indeed be an ambitious expectation if one expected to get the same desired qualities with softwood.

b) Despite their many advantages, wood windows do have a negative side and the main one has to do with them swelling and rotting when exposed to moisture or being noisy when exposed to extreme weather conditions. Using hardwood helps to reduce these issues.

c) Hardwood windows are more durable than soft wood, and if well cared for, even better than other window mahardwood sash window companiesterials like plastic or metal. They can last for several years and still remain in good condition especially if they have a good finish and are regularly maintained.

d) Windows made from hardwood are easy to maintain and care for using simple household cleaning materials. In most cases, all you will need is a clean piece of cloth to wipe off any dirt or to give a quick polish.

e) Hardwood is high quality and this is what will be reflected in your sash windows. This adds some class to your home and increases its market value. This means that in the event that you decide to sell your property, you will have no problem getting good returns.

f) Hardwood is easy to blend with modern styles to achieve a certain class that is only unique to you. It is possible to get them triple glazed to improve on their thermal and sound insulating properties.

g) Sash windows made from hardwood have high impact resistance and will remain intact even when exposed to rough handling or harsh elements.

When you order with reputable hardwood sash window companies, they will use your specifications to make your windows and deliver them to you. Installation is done for you. It pays to take precaution as you search for a hardwood sash window company as some use poor quality wood. The best way is to ask to see some of the windows they have made and installed so that you actually see the wood that was used. This way you are assured of getting your money’s worth.

Eco Friendly Box Sash Windows

Box sash windows are said by some homeowners to be more in tune with the environment than modern windows and is the reason why they will never let go of their homes. Their historic image provides great charm and comfort to any home. These old style windows were commonly found in Georgian homes and were mostly made from timber. They were high quality structures as only the best hardwood was used with the craftsmen giving it their all to ensure that they lasted for a very long time. In the same instance, we have companies that have come up to specifically focus on the production of traditional sash windows as a way of saving the environment. They encourage homeowners to use timber sash windows for their homes or if they already have them, to restore and not replace them.

In order to provide a firm foundation, Eco friendly box sash windows companies employ highly qualified workers and further training is provided to ensure that the highest window production standards are met while conserving the environment. The organisational culture is one where all employees are treated with respect and their welfare is given first priority. They are well remunerated and an excellent working environment is provided. Customers are handled courteously and quality services are assured. All this is in line with eco work ethics.

Eco friendly box sash windows companies use hardwood for their production processes. They use this wood type to manufacture new sash windows or repair old ones. High quality box windows are produced to grant their longevity so that there is less need for replacement. All that is required is proper and regular maintenance. Only naturally growing hardwood is used by box sash windowseco companies as opposed to that which is pressure or force grown. Energy saving is the motto of these companies, both in their manufacturing environment and window products. Box sash windows are made in such a way that they minimise heat loss and noise pollution.

These environment friendly window companies will not release poisonous gases to the environment. All waste products are treated before being disposed. Wherever possible, old wood is used or recycled to avoid more trees being cut down. Partnerships with logging companies are such that for every one tree cut, two are planted. Eco window companies only use environment friendly materials. They avoid using toxic paints or chemical preservatives with their wood products, instead natural preservatives are preferred. Beautiful designs are added to some wood sash windows to accommodate homeowners who would like some modern touch added to their windows. This way, they are not enticed to buy synthetic or other non- wood sash windows which generally tend to have higher environmental degrading qualities.

Eco friendly box sash windows companies always provide a warranty for their window products and services. When they install or restore sash windows, a follow up is done so that if there any complaints, they are addressed immediately. During these visits, homeowners are educated on how to care and maintain their box windows so that replacement is kept at a minimum. These companies are certified by and are members of recognised environment conservation bodies.

The Downside of Timber Sash Windows

Timber sash windows have been used for many centuries and so have a long history. They are most common in the UK, especially England and they continue to have significance here though they have undergone tremendous transformation to adapt to modern times and changes. Some property owners still prefer to have them for their homes or building because of their classy and lovely features while others just want to regain some sense of tradition.

However, despite these wonderful attributes of timber sash windows, they do have a negative side. The main problem has to do with the timber components that are easily affected by weather conditions leading to all sorts of breakdowns and exposures. This can be inconveniencing and could compromise the security of your home. The wooden components are prone to all types of pest infestations, which, apart from being a scary and painful experience depending on the level of infestation, can be unsightly as well. These types of windows have poor insulating properties which leads to high heat gain or loss during winter and summer respectively. This can affect the comfort of your home and even lead to health problems. High heat losses increases a home’s heating needs, which intimber sash windows turn leads to high carbon emissions. This is detrimental to the environment.

In terms of costs, timber sash windows are on the higher side when compared to modern sash window versions like UPVC. This is because timber is generally an expensive raw material and specialised carpentry is required for the window production processes. The other thing is that mass production is not possible with timber windows, thus increasing their price. When timber windows are manually produced, there is a long waiting period before your purchase is delivered to you. The other point to bear in mind is that timber window companies are limited in number which can affect your selection process and even compromise the quality of your windows. A lack of competition in the market can also drive up prices leaving customers paying over the odds to repair timber sash windows or buy timber sash windows.

Timber windows are hard work when it comes to maintenance. You can expect to make repairs regularly as well as frequent re- painting. This makes them quite expensive to care for in terms of labour and repair material costs. It is no easy task getting a skilled sash window carpenter or repair person either and so some patience and caution is required as you scout for one. Toxic paint fumes are another thing you will have to contend with as you do your re-painting jobs. This is risky to your health.

Using timber sash windows automatically puts you in the environment unfriendly category because you are contributing to forest depletion and this disrupts the ecosystem. You will have more loggers cutting down trees to get the timber needed for timber window production or repair processes. The consequences of such actions are not very hard to find given the varying and frequent destructive climatic change effects that are being felt in every corner of the world.

If you are able to accommodate or handle this negative side of timber sash windows, then there is no reason why you should not enjoy using them in your home.

Wood Sash Windows

Sash windows have been known for their traditional style as well as the aesthetic value they add to any home or building. The first were made in England, so it is not surprising that many homes in the country can be spotted with this window style. Originally, these windows were made from wood but over the years, other materials have been used in an effort to improve on their qualities. The interesting thing is that wood sash windows are rising in popularity despite other modern and apparently ‘better’ versions flooding the market. No one visiting London, the capital city of England, will fail to notice that many homes spot wood sash windows and it looks like this trend is going to continue.

One of the reasons for the increasing popularity of wood sash windows is their beauty and traditional style, which increase property value as well. There is some resonance with nature when one uses wood windows. They have a way of making any home look classy, which, in some cases, helps to elevate your social standing! These windows are easy to blend with modern housing styles to achieve elegance and sophistication, an attractive quality desired by most city dwellers. They can be upgraded too to improve on their locking, insulating and ventilating characteristics without having to go the replacement route when you want to keep up with modern trends. Their good cooling abilities are particularly desirable during hot summer days.

Wood sash windows are more long lasting than other window materials as long as the maintenance is done right. It is not unusual to findwood sash windows wood sash windows stretching hundred years or more in some of London’s major towns. These durable properties are the reason why the city has been able to conserve its rich housing heritage for its younger and future generation to enjoy. Some of these heritage sites also earn the city some good revenue through tourism. When repair work is needed, it is easier to find a handyman to repair a damaged section of a wood window than it is to get one to repair its plastic counterparts. It is also easy to detect fake wood window companies than it is to catch out UPVC sash window ones. Most homeowners appreciate these positive aspects.

You will not have a problem maintaining the colour scheme and style of your home with wood sash windows because they are simple to customise. All that is needed is some painting or staining, polish finishing and you are done. You can do this yourself or get professional services. ‘Go Green’ homeowners love them because their production processes produce lower levels of environmental pollution when compared to other window materials. This makes them more environmentally friendly especially if instead of replacing them, you go the restoration way to ensure that fewer trees are cut down.

Availability is another thing that has made wood sash windows popular especially in London. You can get them on or offline very easily. Going by the high sales made by many wood sash windows companies, it does look like these lovely windows are definitely here to stay.

Buy Sash Windows Online

Sash windows are so popular these days that it does not take a much effort to find companies selling them. Their popularity has to do with their many attractive benefits the most common of which are their enviromental friendliness, affordability and beauty. The market place offers many options that and finding reputable organisations is easy if you know where to look. What you are left to do is to find the best place to shop for your sash windows. This is why people buy sash windows online.

There are many reasons why we would recommend online shopping for sash windows. The one that quickly comes to mind is convenience. You do not have to move an inch, your fingers and eyes will do the walking for you as long as you have internet access. It does not matter where you are nor the time since online sash windows stores are accessible 24/7. There is no closing time to worry about when you do decide to buy.

There are many online sash windows stores, you only have to ‘web’ shop in order get one that will make you most comfortable. This saves you time, effort and energy that you would have otherwise spent moving from one store to the next comparing products and prices or the long serving queues. No more noisy crowds, bad weather, fights or high travel costs. All your shopping can be done in the peace and comfort of your home or office.

The other wonderful thing about online shopping is that there is such a wide selection of sash windows which makes it an easy ride to get the perfect match. Different online stores have different sash window products leaving you no other choice but to pick the best. The bonus of all this is that you can get quality sash products at very affordable prices. There are online product review forums you can visit to check the quality of various window products. You want to get best value for your hard earned sash windows

It is stress and hassle free to buy sash windows online because many companies provide online forums where you fill your window and home details for them to find the best sash windows for you. In other cases, this is done by enabling you to do a quick search and within no time, you have many options to pick from. Most companies offer simple contact forms, simply fill them out and the company will be in contact. Often they will come and visit you face to face to check your house and be able to give you a full quote. The same applies when it comes to repairing sash windows. Over the phone they will often be able to give you a rough estimate so you can compare and contrast prices of competitors.

Payment is no problem either since many online safe payment options are provided, just make sure you have enough money in your account. Delivery is no big issue, everything is brought right where you are, and in most cases this will be included in the price you pay. Good sash companies will offer to install the windows for you as part of their customer support services. It is also possible to get updates or repair information for your sash windows by visiting the window company’s website. There are online window forums you can join as well to stay in the know, have fun and make new friends.

When you buy sash windows online, you are helping to conserve the environment since the billing or payment is paperless. Elimination of travel means that less fuel consumption and reduced levels of environmental pollution.


Benefits of Sash Windows

The windowpanes of sash windows can be opened or closed by simply sliding them horizontally or vertically. This is what makes sash windows are unique. They are extremely common in parts of the United Kingdom and are centuries old reflecting a very traditional style. In the old days, they were made from timber but this has since changed and now there are many materials from which they can be manufactured. They are still popular today due to their many benefits including their lovely features. Sash windows have changed over the years due to the advanced technology used during their manufacture. They are mainly differentiated depending on the number of panes that can be opened.

There are many benefits of sash windows but the most important of all is that they are user friendly. Their sashes can be opened separately thus giving you more control on how much ventilation to allow in or out of your home. They more or less act as air conditioners but in a more environment friendly way. The other good thing about these windows is that, due to their movable panes, they are so easy to clean and repair. When cleaning, you do not have to get out of your house in order to reach the outer window parts, all the cleaning can be done while inside.

Sash windows are very good for harsh climates or extreme weather conditions. Their energy efficiency is very useful during winter or summer because they minimise heat loss or gain. The fact the world is becoming increasingly poor in terms of fuel deposits, this doesbenefits of sash windows not make life any easier as this means high fuel costs  and so any methods that reduce costs of fuel is indeed  good news. Additionally, when your home or building has a high energy rating, its value increases because most people are now more energy conscious as they want to reduce the carbon print in order to help save planet earth. In the event that you want to sell your home, these positive benefits of sash windows will enable you get very good returns.

Modern sash windows are double or triple glazed thus making homes excellent insulating properties. This prevents heat loss and in turn reduces your heating bills. They also provide sound proofing to your home for you to enjoy some peace and quiet.
When it comes to security, modern sash windows have secure locking systems, and so you can enjoy your sleep without having to worry about the safety of your family or property.

Sash windows are made from different materials and are available in a wide range of colours and designs to suit every taste or need. This makes it very easy to blend them with today’s modern home styles. White has remained a favourite colour for most sash window lovers, mainly because it gives a home or building that fresh and beautiful inviting look.

Energy efficient, cost effective, environment friendly, classy and aesthetically pleasing is what best describes the benefits of sash windows.

Identifying A Genuine Sash Windows Company

The increasing popularity of sash windows has in turn led to more sash window companies springing up to keep up with the demand. This has made it difficult for customers to tell whether or not an organisation is genuine or not  and so they have to do a lot of research or window shopping before they settle on one that will provide what they are looking for. This requires a lot of resources in terms of time and effort. Going online is an easier option but even there, some searching has to be done. This, however, should not put you off from locating companies for buying or repairing sash windows as there are simple ways to overcome this challenge.

There are various methods to tell whether a sash windows company is genuine or not. The easiest method is to give the company a call and see how they respond to your queries. If you are looking to buy, then take the time to pay their showroom a visit to check out the store’s physical setup and customer relations to see if you can detect professionalism and quality. Assess the way the staff treat customers. If there is some organisation and the staff are polite and professional in the way they handle customers, this is a plus for them. Look out for other positives as well. Reliable companies are those that have vast experience in their line of business. A company should have been operating for at least 3 years or more, the longer the period the better. A company’s newsletters or promotion materials are useful sources as well. Ask to see some photos of their previous work or sales. Modern stores have screens for this purpose.

If the sash windows company has a website, check it out to see if it is professionally designed. It should be well maintained, user friendly, up to date and contain information that is useful to clients. This is usually a good way to gauge a company’s trustworthiness. While at the website, use this time to conduct some company background research.sash windows company

Do not forget to check complaint boards found online or in some local magazines or newspapers. Check to see if there have been complaints about the company’s products or level of service. This kind of information is available on online product review forums. Do not confuse these with those that are simply out to deface some companies for their own selfish reasons. Carry out thorough research by reading as many reviews as possible. The way a company responds to customer complaints is another useful tool. Pay attention on how long they take to correct mistakes and how they go about doing so. Those that drag their feet, charge you some fee to correct their own mistakes and look like they are doing you a big favour as they do so are a big No No!

Most reliable companies are listed in the windows company directory, confirm that this is the case with the store of your choice. Consult friends or customers who have some experience with a particular window company’s products to get their views. If looking for a company to repair sash windows, find out from their customers whether they felt they got value for money, a good level of service, and if they are happy with the work after it has been completed.

If you use these tips, you will have an easy time finding a genuine sash windows company that will serve you for a very long time and with whom you will have wonderful relations. Some will even reward you for your royalty, and that is not a bad thing either!