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How To Buy Sash Windows

Sash windows are special because of their historical significance particularly in some parts of Europe. They have travelled a long journey to what we have today. Homeowners have the option of using traditional or modern sash windows since they both have their own special qualities. Some people prefer to buy traditional windows because of their old style look while others prefer the modern version because of their cheaper price and improved heat control qualities. This wide variation can make shopping a very difficult exercise unless there is some guidance on how to buy sash windows.

Before embarking on your shopping spree, one has to be clear on the type of windows they want for their property as they vary in size, function, material, finishing, design and price. The internet is a useful resource to do some research to get additional information to help you make the right decision. Another important consideration to keep in mind as you make your decision are your local authority building regulations as in some areas  they do have a say on the kind of windows to be installed or replaced.

It helps to consult a professional window installer or sash window specialist for advice on windows that will best suit your home or building to avoid a removal situation and so lose your money and time. Your final choice should blend well with the general décor of your home. Buy sash windows from reputable companies that offer good product warranties and customer support services. Compare a number of them before settling on one.

Quality is another crucial aspect when it comes to buying sash windows because you want them to serve you well and for a long time. Quality will determine the durability of your windows and how well they meet your expectations and so the better the quality the happier you and your family will be. Plan well so that you have a reasonable budget to get something worthwhile. You do not want to spend half your time repairing or replacing windows which will add to your installation costs. However, it should be noted that expensive does not equal high quality. On the other hand, some windows may have a cheap selling price but in the long run could turn out to be extremely expensive so shop wisely. Buy sash windows you are comfortable caring for and maintaining.

You will need to get a professional installer to install your windows for you as such an undertaking requires specialised skills and experience. Sash windows need proper installation for their benefits to be enjoyed or else you might find yourself in a worse situation. If you are a do-it-yourselfer (DIYer) or are hoping to save money by fixing the windows yourself, make sure you have all the procedures at your fingertips.

It is always better that you buy sash windows from companies that will also deliver and install them for you. This helps to ensure that the windows get to their destination in one piece and that everything is done right. This will also save you some costs. The installation company should be able to do a follow up just in case you encounter some problems or need assistance on any window related issues.

Visit our homepage and view the list on the right hand side to find sash windows companies local to you.

How Good Are Double Glazed Sash Windows

Double glazed sash windows are the modern and improved version of the traditional wood sash windows. They are made of two glass panes which trap air and this is what provides insulation against heat and noise. They are fast replacing timber sash windows in many homes since they are better at insulating heat and sound. Timber sash windows tend to have gaps in their framework leading to heat loss and inflow of noise and dirt. The functionality level of glazed windows is determined by the type of glaze used, the distance between the glass panes and method of installation. In some countries such as the UK, glazed windows are a standard building requirement to the extent that if they are missing in your home, it faces demolition by the local building or planning authority.

Double glazed sash windows are beneficial in a number of ways, the most important of which is that they help to reduce carbon footprints. A carbon footprint is a measure of the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by any given activity. These windows are designed in such a way that less heat is lost thereby reducing the amount of heating required. Their cost effectiveness helps bring down heating bills. They are an excellent way of ‘Going Green’. They provide protection against any type of extreme weather. Their efficient locking systems also keep out unwanted intruders.

Many homes are made more comfortable and relaxing during winter because double glazed sash windows have high heat retaining capacities. During summer, they help to regulate internal temperatures so that it is not too hot or stuffy. They offer good air circulation and you will not have to suffer suffocation or get all sweaty. Their excellent thermal and sound insulating properties means that there is less heat loss or gain, and external noise inflow. Your home is able to enjoy peace and quiet, which is all good for anyone’s general well being.double glazed sash windows

In comparison to wood sash windows, double glazed sash windows are relatively cheap and easier to care for and maintain. You do not have to keep re-painting them like with traditional sash windows. Another positive aspect about these windows is that they are available in such a wide range of colours and styles that it is an easy ride getting the perfect match for your home design theme. When you install them, your social standing is likely to go a notch higher due to their stylish appearance and the prestige attached to them.

They make your home more attractive and increase its energy rating grade, and these are important property value ingredients.
Double glazed sash windows are of various sizes and use frame materials such as metal, wood or plastic. They are easily bought from any sash window company both on and offline. If you want to improve the aesthetic and insulating properties of your wood sash windows without having to replace them with this window type, the simpler option is to have secondary glazing done on them.

What Are Sash Windows?

Sash windows or hung sash windows, as they are called in the United States, are windows that have a very long history dating hundreds of years. Their main feature is that their panes are movable vertically or horizontally thereby making them easy to operate. The sashes are held in place by weatherstrippings, springs and balances.

This briefly explains what are sash windows. They came into existence after there was a need for homes to be protected from harsh weather and intruders, and for them to be better ventilated. They later came to be appreciated for their beauty. In times past, they were mostly used in Victorian or Georgian houses in the United Kingdom and made of timber but this has gradually changed over the years and we now have them made from a variety of materials. The oldest version of sash windows can be seen at Ham House in the UK.

Despite their long history, sash windows are still popular in many parts of Europe and the United States. In England, where many claim is their origin, the landscape is overtaken by this kind of window style. London, the main capital of United Kingdom, can be said to be a city of sash window homes.

Types of sash windows
We have three main types of sash windows, namely:

Single hung sash windows – this type of window has two sashes but only the bottom one is movable while the upper one is fixed. These are less energy efficient and are the version that was used in the Victorian time.

Double hung sash windows – this type of window is an improvement of the single version and has two vertical movable sashes that can be opened independently of one another. They are the most popular of the three as they have a modern look and better energy what are sash windowsqualities.

Horizontally sliding sash windows also known as Yorkshire windows:  this type of sash window has panes that can be moved horizontally. They are the least popular of the three.

What are sash windows materials?
Sash windows are mostly constructed from either wood or plastic materials. The widely common wood type used is softwood while for plastic it is uPVC (Unplasticised Vinyl Chloride). Plastic material came into play when it became apparent that wood sash windows were not very energy efficient, had rotting and pest infestation problems, and were generally expensive to install and maintain. On the other hand, uPVC sash windows are cheaper in price, are easier to install and maintain, and there is a wide variety to pick from.

Wood or traditional sash windows are slowly regaining popularity because of their traditional look and aesthetic value. They are also more Eco friendly when compared to other materials. Some people have taken to timber sash windows for the simple fact that they want to re-gain their heritage for them to have some sense of identity.

In these modern times sash windows are available in a broad range of colours, and are double or triple glazed for better insulation and sound proofing properties. Anyone wanting to add elegance to their home or to increase their property marketability, then sash windows are definitely the way to go.

How To Replace Sash Windows Cheaply

Sash windows do get old with time and once this is the case, there is a need for replacement to be done so that your home continues to be a safe and warm place. In other cases, they may get so damaged that the only way out is a window replacement. Sash window replacement is rarely a cheap undertaking and so it helps to know ways of how to replace sash windows cheaply without straining your budget and going broke.

The first thing which  needs to done before beginning the replacement project is to do some research on where to buy replacement products and finding sash window replacement companies. As you do your research look out for online companies that have sales or discounted prices for their products. Searching online is easier and faster. Of course, it will be important that you focus on stores that deal in quality products. Sales are a great way to bring down your replacement costs. If you buy your materials online, this can be better for you as prices are generally lower and all will be delivered direct to you, lowering delivery costs. Try to buy your replacement materials off-season when prices are reduced.

Another way of identifying how to replace sash windows without going broke is to buy your materials from good online stores. You can visit such sites online for this or check out your local area. When you buy your replacement windows directly from the manufacturer, you can get them at almost half the price and they are likely to offer free delivery and installation services.

It is cheaper to buy and install plastic sash windows than those made of wood. The other problem you will have with wood sash windows is finding the exact match for your old ones and getting reliable wood companies or services to do the installation for you. Hired wood sash window installation services are generally more expensive due to the skilled craftsmanship required. In some areas, the local housing authority has a say on how the window replacement is to be done and so you want to check with them first to avoid being fined which can increase your replacement costs.

Where possible and if you have carpentry skills, you can eliminate installation fees by replacing the windows yourself instead of getting professional help to do it for you. Even if you lack the skills, there are good user manuals which can used as long as you have the interest, patience and time. Better still, if you have family members or friends who have knowledge on how to replace sash windows, use them as they are likely to charge you much less than outside help. The internet is flooded with a lot of ‘how to’ information, which, if followed diligently, can get you some very satisfactory, if not better, results than if you hired someone. There are internet hobby groups as well that provide step-by-step window installation information for free.

Using all or any of these cost cutting how to replace sash windows measures, you can have a wonderful and stress free time replacing your old or damaged sash windows to reclaim your beautiful and comfortable home.

Finding Sash Window Repair Companies

Sash window repairs are not the easiest of jobs and it can be quite challenging getting good repair services when your windows need some reconstruction. Sash window installation or repairs is work which requires professional intervention to ensure that a good job is done. Sash window repairs have to be done correctly to avoid an expensive re-do and other inconveniences. This can include suffering harsh weather elements and your property being defaced because of a job poorly done.

Traditionally the best and most effective method for finding repair services or persons is by word of mouth. Over the years, this has changed considerably and now there are other ways to get the same information. The easiest and fastest method is using the internet. Through a google search, you are able to pick your choice from a list of sash window repair companies advertising their services. It goes without saying that you have to exercise some caution as there are many fake or cowboy companies on the prowl. The other way to look for these services is to check through the local dailies in the classified section. Then there is the yellow pages which is full of reputable organisations. The wonderful thing about yellow pages is that you can visit their website, and do your search from there. This makes your search much easier and their information is much more reliable than some wild internet search.

Apart from using the internet and word of mouth, you can take a walk through your neighborhood and check the community or shopping centre notice boards for any repair jobs advertised. Then we have some skilled handymen or artisans who walk from door to door marketing their services, check them out, you might get lucky and get one who will serve you well and cheaply in the years to come. Spare some time to consult a number of construction specialists as they are usually well informed when it comes to recommending the best repair services. The same information can be acquired from any reputable window company. Do not ignore your plumber since they too have their repair networks.sash windows repair companies

Sash window repairs can also be carried out by the company from whom you bought your windows or any other similar company just as long as you confirm that they have the necessary experience. There are sash window specialist companies whose only job is to repair sash windows, these too can be relied on to do some good work. What is needed is for you to get services that can be accommodated by your budget. It helps to compare several sash window repair companies or persons in terms of the quality of their work, reliability and charges.

The best sash window repair companies or repair persons are those that have experience in sash window repairs and are well equipped with all that is required for the repair undertaking, your only input is to pay them for a job well done. They should be able to get the best match for your windows, provide some guarantees for the work done, and provide letter headed receipts for the same. They will be efficient, tidy, friendly, courteous, and complete the work within the agreed period. The best organisations will also do a follow up on the work done and provide after service.

Repair Sash Windows – Yorkshire

Below are some links to companies offering sash window repair, replacement and manufacturing services in Yorkshire:

A Sash Window Service
16 School Close, Stamford Bridge, York, East Yorkshire YO41 1PT
Tel: 01759 372 872
Mobile: 07721 656 229

Bentley Brothers Joinery Ltd.
Albert Works, Mount Pleasant Road, Pudsey, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS28 7DY
Tel/Fax: 0113 236 1384

Birch Joinery
Unit 9, Enterprise Way, Whitby Business Park, Whitby, North Yorkshire YO22 4NH

Blackthorn Timber Windows
Mallan House, Bridge End, Hexham, Northumberland NE46 4DQ
Tel: 01434 670 251

Dempsey Dyer Ltd
Units 11-13 Langthwaite Business Park, South Kirkby, Pontefract, West Yorkshire WF9 3AP
Tel: 01977 649 641
Fax: 01977 649 517

JFA Joinery
Unit 1, Moorlane Industrial Estate, Tholthorpe, York, North Yorkshire YO61 1SR
Tel: 01347 833 339
Mobile: 07785 548 666

Pickard Hardware Ltd
Airedale Road, Keighley, West Yorkshire BD21 4LW
Tel: 01535 665 765
Fax: 01535 681 919

RDF Building Services Ltd
Wortley Moor Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS12 4JF
Tel/Fax: 0113 2319910
Mobile: 0808 1203821

SJM Joinery UK Ltd
Wilburne House, Hincks Hall Lane, Markington, North Yorkshire HG3 3NU
Tel: 01765 67 66 68

Sliding Sash Window Specialist
Hazelhurst House, Brookside Lane, Storrs, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S6 6GY
Tel: 01142 322 077
Mobile: 07966 495 681

Wellington Sliding Sash Ltd
Boocock St, Stanningley, Pudsey, West Yorkshire LS28 6AJ
Tel: 0113 255 6995

Woodsmiths Joinery
20 Burnwells Avenue, Thackley, Bradford, West Yorkshire BD10 0SA
Tel: 01274 419 520
Mobile: 07717 398 916

Repair Sash Windows – West Midlands

Below are some links to companies offering sash window repair, replacement and manufacturing services in the West Midlands:

Aarti Joinery Limited
Unit 8 Smallbrook Busines Centre, Waterloo Industral Estate, Bidford Upon Avon, Warwickshire B50 4JE
Tel/Fax: 01789 490800
Mobile: 07538 327683

Caldwell Hardware (UK) Ltd
Herald Way, Binley Industrial Estate, Coventry CV3 2RQ
Tel: 024 7643 7900
Fax: 024 7643 7969

Chris Chipps Ltd
116 Middletonhall Road, Birmingham, West Midlands B30 1DH
Tel/Fax: 01214 583 326
Mobile: 07968 990 258

Doorfit Products Ltd
Icknield House, Heaton Street, Birmingham B18 5BA
Tel: 0121 554 9291
Fax: 0121 554 3859

Emkay Enterprises
84 Murdock Road, Handsworth, Birmingham, West Midlands B21 9LG
Tel: 07915 363204
Fax: 0091 571 2520692
Mobile: 0091 9358 251200

Jones & Barclay Ltd
1635 Bristol Road South, Rednal, Birmingham, West Midlands UK B45 9U
Tel: 0121 457 6880
Fax: 0121 453 6888

J L Iremonger Sash Window Renovations
64 Crosbie Road, Chapelfields, Coventry, West Midlands CV5 8FY
Mobile: 07890 905893

Sash Window Specialist

Unique Balance
Units 5/10, Brookvale Trading Estate, Moor Lane, Witton, Birmingham B6 7AQ
Tel: 0121 344 7833
Fax: 0121 344 7834

Repair Sash Windows – Wales

Below are some links to companies offering sash window repair, replacement and manufacturing services in Wales:

Andrew Ravenscroft Joinery
Ambleside, The Ridgeway, Penally, Tenby, Pembrokeshire SA70 7NT
Fax: 01834 849101
Mobile: 07940 497562

Charles Brooks Carpenter
St Winifred, The Paddock, Tenby, Pembrokeshire SA70 8DJ
Tel: 01834 843 821
Mobile: 07800 981045

GBS Joinery
James St, Edgeley, Stockport, Cheshire SK3 9AG
Tel: 0161 456 0501
Fax: 0161 483 0808

Heron Joinery
Glan-y-nant, Cardiff, South Glamorgan CF14 0RP
Tel/Fax: 02920 766 875

Kardos Joinery
Rhandirmwyn, Llandovery, Carmarthenshire SA20 0NN

Lewis Carpentry And Joinery
Unit C Newton Industrial Estate, Llantwit Fadre, Pontypridd, Rhondda Cynon Taff CF38 2EE
Tel: 01443 217 140

Triple M
Unit 3c, Bryn Y Pys Home Farm, Wrexham Road, Overton, Wrexham, Clwyd LL13 0HG
Tel: 01978 710220
Mobile: 07912 015434

Unit 12b, Whitland Ind Est, Spring Gardens, Whitland, Carmarthenshire SA34 0HZ
Tel: 01834 909 010
Mobile: 07779 288 057

Repair Sash Windows – South West

Below are some links to companies offering sash window repair, replacement and manufacturing services in the South West of England:

A.I. Sash Window Services
Tappers Cottage, West Dean, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP5 1JF
Tel: 01794 341 225
Mobile: 07956 116 522

Bath Sash Windows
28, Melcombe Road, Bath, Somerset BA2 3LR
Tel: 01225 335 584
Mobile: 07796 395 158

Bristol Sash Window Service

Highland House, Nympsfield, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire GL10 3UA

Byatt Carpentry And Joinery
Jasmine House Ruffet Road, Kendleshire, Winterbourne, Bristol, Avon BS36 1AN
Tel/Fax: 01454 774 449
Mobile: 07834 209 316

Clearwood UK Ltd
Stanley Way, Cardrew Business Park, Redruth, Cornwall TR3 6PQ
Tel: 01209 310 810
Fax: 01209 310 814

Click Carpentry Ltd
66 Edencroft, Highworth, Swindon, Wiltshire SN6 7NH
Tel: 07782 383 372

D & R Carpenter/ Joiners
19 Castle Green, Helston, Helston, Cornwall TR13 8EZ
Tel: 01326 572 221
Mobile: 07769 606 811

Freerange Joinery
Higherway Barn, St Wenn, Bodmin, Cornwall PL30 5PS
Tel: 01726 891 937
Mobile: 07824 903 565

Georgian Sashcraft Ltd
Unit 15, Charmborough Farm, Charlton Road, Holcombe, Bath, Somerset BA3 5EX
Tel/Fax: 01761 233 777
Mobile: 07974407 046

Heanton Joinery
Heanton Place, 2 Heanton Terrace, Redruth, Cornwall TR15 2HS
Tel: 01209 203906

Helston Joinery
The Builders Yard, St Johns, Helston, Cornwall TR13 8HW
Tel: 01326 221 766

Heritage Porch & Sash
The Workshop, Daymans Farm, St. Mawgan, Cornwall TR8 4HF
Tel: 01637 860 050
Mobile: 07977 916 707

JEB Supplies Ltd
Duchy Business Centre, Wilson Way, Pool, Redruth, Cornwall TR15 3RT
Tel: 01209 212275
Fax: 01209 212013

Justin Jenkins Joinery
Unit 35, Foxmoor Nurseries, Haywards Lane, Chelston, Wellington, Somerset TA21 0AR
Tel/Fax: 01823669274
Mobile: 07890392745

Paignton Box Sash Window Company
31a Palace Avenue, Paignton, Devon TQ3 3EQ
Tel: 01803 552 073
Mobile: 07729 634 776

Sash Window Doctor
29 Cedars Close, Pinehurst, Swindon, Wiltshire SN2 1JW
Tel: 01793 324 344
Mobile: 07533 835 001

Sash Window Service Ltd
Highland House, Church Street, Nympsfield, Gloucestershire GL10 3UA
Tel: 01453 861 025
Fax: 01453 861 132
Mobile: 07950 888 234

Sash Window Repair Ltd
45 Cedars Rd, Exeter, Devon EX2 4NA
Mobile: 0795 222 50 50

South West Sash Windows

105 Durnford St, Plymouth, Devon PL1 3QP
Tel: 01752 226 988
Mobile: 07849 125 276

tBKS Architectural Ironmongery
2 Ashmans Yard, Locksbrook Rd, Bath, Somerset BA1 3DZ
Tel: 01225 462090
Fax: 01225 443081

The Sash Man
School House, 13 Fore Street, Northam, Bideford, Devon EX39 1AW
Tel: 01237 477 722
Mobile: 07795 272 321

Traditional Window & Conservatory Co.
Mead Avenue, Langley, Slough, Berkshire SL3 8HT
Tel: 01685 874 666
Fax: 01685 879 222
Mobile: 07876 556 739

Repair Sash Windows – South East

Below are some links to companies offering sash window repair, replacement and manufacturing services in the South East of England:

A Sash Window Wizard
Derek Avenue, West Ewell, Surrey KT19 9HP
Tel: 020 8391 5689
Mobile: 07903 845 775

A12 Sash Windows
197 Roman Road, Mountnessing, Brentwood, Essex CM15 0UG
Mobile: 07590 995 688

A A Taylor Ltd
11/13 Shaftesbury Place, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 4QS
Tel: 01273 607 676
Fax: 01273 605 499

A.I. Sash Window Services
Tappers Cottage, West Dean, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP5 1JF
Tel: 01794 341 225
Mobile: 07956 116 522

A To Z (Glass & Glazing) Co Ltd
Alphabet House, Horton Way, Farningham, Dartford, Kent DA4 0DQ
Tel: 0800 614 195
Fax: 01322 866 686

Alpine Joinery Ltd
Building 8, Stapleford Aerodrome, Stapleford Tawney, Romford, Essex RM4 1SJ
Tel: 01708 688 612
Fax: 01708 688270

Andrews Box Sash Restorations
30 Longfield Road, Great Baddow, Chelmsford, Essex CM2 7QH
Tel: 01245 477 795
Mobile: 07956 230 554

Briggs Brown Limited
Jubilee House, Brentwood, Essex CM13 3FR
Tel: 01708 442675

Brighton Sash Windows
53 – 54 Regency Square, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 2FF

Cable & Ropeworks
Unit 16, Potts Marsh Ind Est, Eastbourne Road, Westham, Pevensey, East Sussex BN24 5NH
Tel: 01323 763 019
Fax: 01323 741 119

Calvin’s Mill
20 Downs Side, Sutton, Surrey SM2 7EQ
Tel: 0208 661 6321
Fax: 0208 642 0117
Mobile: 07973 481 699

Control Sash Windows
38, Bishopstone Drive, Brighton, East Sussex BN2 8FF
Tel: 01273 241 392

Gabriels Farm, Marsh Green Rd, Edenbridge, Kent TN8 5PP
Tel/Fax: 01732 866 632

D&l Sash Window Restorations
6 Pine Close, Canvey Island, Essex SS8 9JL
Tel: 01268 511 953
Mobile: 07505 464 226

DIY Sash Window Ltd
25 Ardingly, Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 8XR
Fax: 01344 319 758
Mobile: 07881 920 993

Double D Installations
14 Chatsworth Avenue, London HA9 6BE
Tel/Fax: 020 8902 1972

Glen Wells Carpentry
23, St Lukes Road, Maidstone, Kent ME14 5AS
Tel: 01622 206379
Mobile: 07974 364 766

HMD Joinery Limited
Unit 5 Oades Plant Ind. Estate, Delta Way, Egham, Surrey TW20 8RN
Tel: 01784 438391

Island Sashes
87Addington Street, Ramsgate, Kent CT11 9JQ
Mobile: 07969 715 594

JH Carpentry & Windows Ltd
25, Watchgate, Darenth, Kent DA2 7JZ
Tel/Fax: 01474 708472

JP Sash Windows
3 Chapel Place Lane, Ramsgate, Kent CT11 9SE
Tel: 0800 0124 253
Mobile: 07761 380 515

Kent Sash Windows
23 Flora Rd, Ramsgate, Kent CT11 7LN
Tel: 01843 850 917
Mobile: 07856 268 240

Meridian Box Sash Windows
16 Oakdale Road, Herne Bay, Kent CT6 6AH
Tel: 0800 6129 187
Mobile: 0770 641 4941

Period Property Maintenance Ltd
8 The Lawn, St Leonards On Sea, East Sussex TN38 0HH
Tel: 01424 423 827

Yalding, Maidstone, Kent ME18

Premier Windows
34 Selhurst Rd, South Norwood, London, London SE25 5QF
Tel: 020 8683 4446

Premier Sash Windows
10 Carroways Place, Margate, Kent CT9 1QX
Tel: 0800 756 6389
Mobile: 0776 1805 084

Resin Repair Ltd
54 Grymsdyke, Prestwood, Gt Missenden, Buckinghamshire HP16 0LN
Tel: 01494 864 514
Mobile: 07552 826 123

RM Sash Window Restoration Ltd
Unit K, Twydall Enterprise Centre, Lower Twydall Lane, Rainham, Kent ME8 6XX
Tel: 01634 373 708
Fax: 01634 379 970
Mobile: 07801 421 986
145 Braeside Avenue, Patcham, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 8SQ
Tel/Fax: 01273 505 069

Sash Window Repairs Refurbishment and Restoration
11 Grenville Road, Pevensey Bay, East Sussex BN24 6BP
Tel: 01323 743 233
Mobile: 07930 335 937

Sash Window Restorations
13 Lorne Road, Ramsgate, Kent CT11 0AE
Tel: 07599 106 527

Simple Sash Solutions
14 Clarence Road, Meadvale, Redhill, Surrey RH1 6NG
Tel/Fax: 01737 222 049
Mobile: 07716 944 844

Sliding Sash Workshop
18 Tennyson Road, Stratford, London, Greater London E15 4HX
Tel: 07552 501170
Mobile: 07552 501170

South Eastern Box Sash Windows
Greenhill Farm, Greenhill Road, Herne Bay, Kent CT6 7QG
Tel: 0800 0430 295

The Sash Window Refurbishment & Repair Co.
105 Normanshire Drive, London, London E4 9HB
Tel: 020 8524 4454

The Sash Window Workshop Ltd
Unit 4, Kiln Lane, Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 1NA
Tel: 01344 868 668
Fax: 01344 868 858

The Victorian Sash Window Company
Home Farm Estate, Northbourne, Deal, Kent CT14 0NT
Tel: 01304 617 129

Total Sash Windows
19, Gosfield Road, Herne Bay, Kent CT6 5SD
Fax: 01227 742 038
Mobile: 07793 818 484

Traditional Wood Windows Ltd
Unit 4 Stoneshot Farm Business Units, Hoe Lane, Nazeing, Essex EN9 2RW
Tel: 01992 892 299
Fax: 01992 893 288
Mobile: 07903 184 893

Traditional Window Restorations
104 Gladstone Road, Deal, Kent CT14 7EP
Tel: 01304 239742

Willowside Joinery – Sash Window Specialists
Bishopsland Farm, Dunsden, Nr Reading, Berkshire RG4 9NR
Tel: 0118 972 4411
Mobile: 07968 463635

Window Wise
7 Corton Trading Estate, Church Road, Benfleet, Essex SS7 4QR
Tel: 01268 753 151
Fax: 01268 566 208

Woolletts Joinery
Unit 3a Gunhill Poultry Farm, Swansbrook Lane, Nr. Heathfield, East Sussex TN21 0LA
Tel: 01825 873 295
Mobile: 07736 522 150

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