Wooden sash windows have attractive traditional features for which they are greatly admired. This is the main reason for their increasing popularity in recent times despite their age. Their only setback is that they are quite expensive and require high maintenance. Wooden sash windows need to have frequent painting if they are to retain their beauty and functionality.

The good news is that there is such a broad range of paint colours that even as you refresh the paint you can change the colours to give your home a new great look. It is amazing how a simple coat of fresh paint can totally change the appearance of a home.

When wood is exposed to moisture, you have rot and sticking problems which also creates an environment for pest infestation. Painting wooden sash windows as and when required provides protection against weather elements. Successful painting is all about having the right tools and skills, and following the right procedures.

Painting tools
Before you begin painting, make sure you have the following:
1) Paint
2) Correct size of paint brush
3) Protective clothing including a respirator
4) Paint kettle
5) Pumice stone or block/sandpaper
6) Hot air paint stripper
7) Glass shield or protective dustsheets
8)) Shave hook
9) Ladder
10) Cleaning detergent
11) Cleaning cloths

Basic Painting Procedure
The first thing to do before any wooden sash windows painting is done is to carry out any repairs. Check to see if there is any rotting or if there are any glazing or cording repairs that need to be done. Once this has been completed, painting can proceed.

Remove all the sash hardware that might get in the way like handles or fasteners. Clean the windows to get rid of dirt and old paint. Use sandpaper or pumice stone to remove old paint, and then get rid of all the dirt by using a cleaning cloth and detergent. If you are dealing with old lead paint, use a respirator to avoid inhalation and dampen the surfaces to avoid release of toxic dust. Use hot air paint stripper and shave hook to remove paint buildups and mouldings. Cover the glass components with protective sheets so that they are not damaged.

Make sure you are using the right kind of paints, as some paints are not compatible. If you are not sure about paint compatibilities, consult a paint expert or construction specialist. Your painting is made much easier if you use a paint kettle to hold the paint. Remember to stir the paint well before use . Your ladder should be stable and of suitable height.

Don’ts of wooden sash window painting
Avoid the following as you paint:
1) Painting in very hot or cold weather conditions
2) Painting in outdoor wet conditions
3) Using thick paint coating as this causes paint build  which leads to sticking or jamming of the windows
4) Using propane torches or blowlamps as these are highly inflammable

Most wooden sash windows problems have to do with wood coming into contact with moisture which in turn causes rotting and expansion and so you want to make sure that the painting is done right. Once the job is done, make sure that all the wooden sash window surfaces are well covered. Give sufficient time for the painted areas to dry before re-assembling the different parts.