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Double Glazed Sash Windows

When you are building a home, there are different kinds of windows to choose from, one of which are double glazed sash windows. This type of window is very popular among house builders and there are a lot of good reasons why they are popular.

Homeowners nowadays are very particular when it comes to the security of their homes. They install a number of security measures around the house. The first thing to consider when it comes to the security of a house is the house’s construction. Any kind of security measure is pointless if in the first place the construction of the house is not good.

When it comes to windows, the top choice for homeowners who would like to boost the security features of their house is the double glazed sash windows. Burglaries and robberies are two of most common crimes in any country. Most burglars gain entry into a house by breaking the windows or by forcing a window open.

Window security is therefore very important in a house, most especially in areas where there are a lot of crimes like this. Since these kinds of windows are double glazed, it would be very difficult to break and if, in case the do break, it would invariably create a lot of noise.Double Glazed Sash Windows

Aside from the main features of any double glazed sash window you can also request for additional security features such as hinge-side security devices, multi-locks and double-locking handles. These features can make the window very difficult to force.

Indeed, double glazed sash windows are very effective when it comes to the security of your home. A homeowner’s ability to keep an intruder out seems to be a necessity nowadays. You should not stress yourself out when thinking of what sort of measures to take for your house to be secure. Having this type of window can definitely add up to the security of your house. But of course, you should not focus on this alone. There are also other ways that you can do to keep your house safe.

Keeping a house secure is not the only advantage of having double glazed sash windows. They can also save you a lot of money when it comes to electricity bills. This is especially true during winter, your heating costs will definitely be lowered because windows like this can provide thermal insulation by keeping the cold out. And as for the summer, the heat will also be blocked by this type of window, keeping the house cool.

If you are sensitive to outside noise, then you may want to consider having this type of window installed in your home. It can reduce the noise intrusion, giving you peace of mind throughout the day.

With all these benefits for you and your home, you certainly would not have second thoughts about this type of window. A double glazed sash window will not only make your house look great, but it can also provide you the peace of mind and comfort that you need as a homeowner.

Types of Sash Windows

Sash windows are those movable window panes that you can open and close by simply sliding them horizontally or vertically.  You can normally find this type of window in Edwardian, Victorian and Georgian styles of old homes.  These windows came from Europe during the 16th century.  Some people think that this kind of window is out of style but many people still prefer this elegance and beauty.  It can easily conform to modern home styles.  If you are planning to purchase one for you house, here are the various types of sash windows which you can choose from.  You have to study each option and choose the one that will suit your home best.

Basic Types of Sash Windows:
Single Hung – as what the name entails, this has one movable portion.  The most popular type of single hung sash window has a base that can be pushed up while the upper part is immovable.  This type is actually an older model that is commonly found in old houses.  Because the bottom section is the only part that can be moved, this type of sash window is energy-efficient compared to others.

single hung sash window

Double Hung – These are the more modern type of sash windows.  These have two panels that can be slid up or down.  In other words, both sections can be opened or closed.  These models are especially designed to improve on the look of single hung sash windows.  In spite of their modern look, they can also appear conventional if you pick the six over six kind which has two rows per sections and is separated into three panes.  There are also the four over four, nine over nine, and six over two.

double hung sash window

The most popular one is the six over six.  The top section is movable to let outside air move inside your home.  The bottom section can also be opened for the warm air to make its way outside.  There are no weight and pulleys used because they are made using the latest mechanisms.  These types are easier to maintain, clean and repair since all the parts are movable.

Horizontal Slide – These types of sash windows have two sashes that you can slide on both sides.  This one is very popular just like the other two types, but you can still find some of this being utilised in modern and conventional homes.  If you want this type of sash window and the retailer say do not have this one, try mentioning Yorkshire windows because horizontal sashes are often called by this name.

horizontal slide sash window

Metal Sash Windows

Sash windows are made from a range of materials the main of which are wood, plastic and metal. Wood has been used for the longest time while plastic and metal are more recent materials of choice. Wood windows were thought to have poor insulating properties and so plastic and metal were added to the list to make up for these shortcomings. Wood is also more expensive when compared to the other two. Metal was a favourite for a while before being overtaken by plastic or uPVC. However, each of these three sash materials is preferred by different people for various reasons.

Metal sash windows are a recent development. They came to be appreciated when it was realised that they were more durable and better at saving energy than their wooden counterparts. They slowly made their way into new buildings including residential homes. Metal is mainly used in the construction of the window framework. The main metals used are Aluminium and Steel. Of the two, Aluminium is more popular due to its light weight and cheaper price.

Metal sash windows have both their strong points and weak points.
Their main positive qualities are:

  • They are of high strength.
  • They have high impact resistance and so they are able to retain their form even when exposed to strong forces. They will not give way as is the case with uPVC.
  • They are durable and will serve you for a very long time before there is need for a replacement.
  • They are easier to install when compared to wood.
  • They are easy to maintain. Their repair is much easier unlike plastic or wood.metal sash windows

Their main negative qualities are:

  • They have poor insulation properties in that they are quick to let out heat during winter and to let it in as well during summer.
  • They have poor soundproof qualities when compared to plastic or wood.
  • You will suffer more noise disturbances with metal windows than with plastic.
  • When exposed to moisture they are likely to corrode and the results are never eye appealing. Corrosion is the main problem you will have to deal with.

Common metal sash window problems
Most of the problems likely to be encountered with these metal windows has to do with poor protective finishing or caulking between the frame and the wall to which they are attached. This creates a gap for moisture or water to get in contact with the metal thus causing corrosion. This is also the case when the windows get older and the gaps between the various window components gets wider to allow in air and water.

These corrosion problems are usually prevented by using protective coatings or finishing. The repair that needs to be done will require the upgrading or replacement of the weather stripping section of the window. The other common problem one is likely to encounter is them sticking as they are opened. This can be caused by paint pileup, damaged window operators or corrosion. This kind of problem usually calls for the sash replacement

Metal sash windows make wonderful features if you use them for your outdoor windows such as those in the terrace or patio section of your home or building. In order for you to enjoy using these metal windows, you have to ensure that the finishing is right to prevent corrosion.

Calculating How Much To Replace Sash Windows

There are many reasons that would make someone replace their sash windows. Among the most common reasons are when the windows are too old that they are beyond repair or if you feel that you are not getting the best out of them. For example, they might not retain heat well or could be expensive to maintain. Some people might want to improve or change the window style or give their home a new look. Then there are people who simply want to keep up with the latest home trends.

It is generally more expensive to replace sash windows than to repair them. When you decide on the replacement option, it helps to know how much it will cost to replace your sash windows so that you budget accordingly.

Sash window replacements are done by specialised personnel but before you hire one, assess the windows that will need to be replaced. You can decide to replace all the windows or only those that are damaged or old. Some people will opt to replace all the windows to maintain uniformity. Whatever option you choose, do some initial inspection so that you are in the clear what needs replacing and how you want it much to replace sash windows

The next thing will be for you to do some research or ask around to get a rough estimate on how much it will cost to replace sash windows. Factors that will have a bearing on sash windows replacement costs include the window materials to be used, the design, style, and size of the replacement windows as well as the time and labour that will be spent on the project. Take a number of quotes and compare companies before deciding on the one from you will buy your replacement materials.  This background information makes it easier for you to discuss what you want with your contractor.

Quality is a very important consideration in as far as replacement windows are concerned. You do not want to compromise on this just so that you save a few pounds because sooner rather than later, you will have to pay dearly for ‘cheap’. When you are done with researching, consult a window specialist or joiner who is going to do your replacement. There are many companies that offer replacement services. You can search for them online or in your locality.

The contractor you decide upon should have the required skills and experience in this kind of work. Go over your list of windows to be replaced together with the contractor who will help to determine how much to replace sash windows. Some professional window companies require you to provide some information including your budget for them to get what is best suited for your home. Once you are in agreement with the estimates provided, a contractor is found for you and the work ready to begin. It is easier to work with professional window replacement specialists so make sure you choose wisely.

The cost of replacing sash windows can be reduced by doing the job yourself, that is only if you have the know- how. Sash window replacement kits are better suited for do- it- yourself jobs.

How To Buy Sash Windows

Sash windows are special because of their historical significance particularly in some parts of Europe. They have travelled a long journey to what we have today. Homeowners have the option of using traditional or modern sash windows since they both have their own special qualities. Some people prefer to buy traditional windows because of their old style look while others prefer the modern version because of their cheaper price and improved heat control qualities. This wide variation can make shopping a very difficult exercise unless there is some guidance on how to buy sash windows.

Before embarking on your shopping spree, one has to be clear on the type of windows they want for their property as they vary in size, function, material, finishing, design and price. The internet is a useful resource to do some research to get additional information to help you make the right decision. Another important consideration to keep in mind as you make your decision are your local authority building regulations as in some areas  they do have a say on the kind of windows to be installed or replaced.

It helps to consult a professional window installer or sash window specialist for advice on windows that will best suit your home or building to avoid a removal situation and so lose your money and time. Your final choice should blend well with the general décor of your home. Buy sash windows from reputable companies that offer good product warranties and customer support services. Compare a number of them before settling on one.

Quality is another crucial aspect when it comes to buying sash windows because you want them to serve you well and for a long time. Quality will determine the durability of your windows and how well they meet your expectations and so the better the quality the happier you and your family will be. Plan well so that you have a reasonable budget to get something worthwhile. You do not want to spend half your time repairing or replacing windows which will add to your installation costs. However, it should be noted that expensive does not equal high quality. On the other hand, some windows may have a cheap selling price but in the long run could turn out to be extremely expensive so shop wisely. Buy sash windows you are comfortable caring for and maintaining.

You will need to get a professional installer to install your windows for you as such an undertaking requires specialised skills and experience. Sash windows need proper installation for their benefits to be enjoyed or else you might find yourself in a worse situation. If you are a do-it-yourselfer (DIYer) or are hoping to save money by fixing the windows yourself, make sure you have all the procedures at your fingertips.

It is always better that you buy sash windows from companies that will also deliver and install them for you. This helps to ensure that the windows get to their destination in one piece and that everything is done right. This will also save you some costs. The installation company should be able to do a follow up just in case you encounter some problems or need assistance on any window related issues.

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Buy Sash Windows Online

Sash windows are so popular these days that it does not take a much effort to find companies selling them. Their popularity has to do with their many attractive benefits the most common of which are their enviromental friendliness, affordability and beauty. The market place offers many options that and finding reputable organisations is easy if you know where to look. What you are left to do is to find the best place to shop for your sash windows. This is why people buy sash windows online.

There are many reasons why we would recommend online shopping for sash windows. The one that quickly comes to mind is convenience. You do not have to move an inch, your fingers and eyes will do the walking for you as long as you have internet access. It does not matter where you are nor the time since online sash windows stores are accessible 24/7. There is no closing time to worry about when you do decide to buy.

There are many online sash windows stores, you only have to ‘web’ shop in order get one that will make you most comfortable. This saves you time, effort and energy that you would have otherwise spent moving from one store to the next comparing products and prices or the long serving queues. No more noisy crowds, bad weather, fights or high travel costs. All your shopping can be done in the peace and comfort of your home or office.

The other wonderful thing about online shopping is that there is such a wide selection of sash windows which makes it an easy ride to get the perfect match. Different online stores have different sash window products leaving you no other choice but to pick the best. The bonus of all this is that you can get quality sash products at very affordable prices. There are online product review forums you can visit to check the quality of various window products. You want to get best value for your hard earned sash windows

It is stress and hassle free to buy sash windows online because many companies provide online forums where you fill your window and home details for them to find the best sash windows for you. In other cases, this is done by enabling you to do a quick search and within no time, you have many options to pick from. Most companies offer simple contact forms, simply fill them out and the company will be in contact. Often they will come and visit you face to face to check your house and be able to give you a full quote. The same applies when it comes to repairing sash windows. Over the phone they will often be able to give you a rough estimate so you can compare and contrast prices of competitors.

Payment is no problem either since many online safe payment options are provided, just make sure you have enough money in your account. Delivery is no big issue, everything is brought right where you are, and in most cases this will be included in the price you pay. Good sash companies will offer to install the windows for you as part of their customer support services. It is also possible to get updates or repair information for your sash windows by visiting the window company’s website. There are online window forums you can join as well to stay in the know, have fun and make new friends.

When you buy sash windows online, you are helping to conserve the environment since the billing or payment is paperless. Elimination of travel means that less fuel consumption and reduced levels of environmental pollution.


Identifying A Genuine Sash Windows Company

The increasing popularity of sash windows has in turn led to more sash window companies springing up to keep up with the demand. This has made it difficult for customers to tell whether or not an organisation is genuine or not  and so they have to do a lot of research or window shopping before they settle on one that will provide what they are looking for. This requires a lot of resources in terms of time and effort. Going online is an easier option but even there, some searching has to be done. This, however, should not put you off from locating companies for buying or repairing sash windows as there are simple ways to overcome this challenge.

There are various methods to tell whether a sash windows company is genuine or not. The easiest method is to give the company a call and see how they respond to your queries. If you are looking to buy, then take the time to pay their showroom a visit to check out the store’s physical setup and customer relations to see if you can detect professionalism and quality. Assess the way the staff treat customers. If there is some organisation and the staff are polite and professional in the way they handle customers, this is a plus for them. Look out for other positives as well. Reliable companies are those that have vast experience in their line of business. A company should have been operating for at least 3 years or more, the longer the period the better. A company’s newsletters or promotion materials are useful sources as well. Ask to see some photos of their previous work or sales. Modern stores have screens for this purpose.

If the sash windows company has a website, check it out to see if it is professionally designed. It should be well maintained, user friendly, up to date and contain information that is useful to clients. This is usually a good way to gauge a company’s trustworthiness. While at the website, use this time to conduct some company background research.sash windows company

Do not forget to check complaint boards found online or in some local magazines or newspapers. Check to see if there have been complaints about the company’s products or level of service. This kind of information is available on online product review forums. Do not confuse these with those that are simply out to deface some companies for their own selfish reasons. Carry out thorough research by reading as many reviews as possible. The way a company responds to customer complaints is another useful tool. Pay attention on how long they take to correct mistakes and how they go about doing so. Those that drag their feet, charge you some fee to correct their own mistakes and look like they are doing you a big favour as they do so are a big No No!

Most reliable companies are listed in the windows company directory, confirm that this is the case with the store of your choice. Consult friends or customers who have some experience with a particular window company’s products to get their views. If looking for a company to repair sash windows, find out from their customers whether they felt they got value for money, a good level of service, and if they are happy with the work after it has been completed.

If you use these tips, you will have an easy time finding a genuine sash windows company that will serve you for a very long time and with whom you will have wonderful relations. Some will even reward you for your royalty, and that is not a bad thing either!