Sliding sash windows were traditionally made from timber but this is changing and the trend nowadays is for them to be made from plastic. The main plastic used in these modern times is uPVC (Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride). Traditional sliding sash windows had some shortcomings but this was all rectified with the discovery of uPVC which became the material of choice for many sash window companies and homes.

Plastic sash windows are very common in many parts of London, but this changes as you get into its suburbs where many homes are graced with wooden sash windows. Plastic sash windows have many advantages and this has increased their popularity among property owners. Most window manufacturers prefer them because they can be mass produced and this helps to significantly bring down production costs. This is the main reason why they are cheap for the end buyer in comparison to wood or timber.

However, despite their many advantages, plastic sliding sash windows do have their disadvantages too. The one that brings a lot of disappointment has to do with them losing their attractive appearance after a while and then cracking up. When this happens, the best alternative is to replace them. This makes them very expensive in the long run since it means you can expect to replace them more frequently.

Plastic sash windows are brittle and not as durable as wood sash windows. It is also argued by most that no technology, no matter how advanced, can make plastic windows acquire the elegance and charm enjoyed by wood sash sliding windows. This the reason some owners have stuck to the good old sash wooden windows despite their outdated status.plastic sliding sash window

In recent times, the world has become more environment conscious and this has put plastic sliding sash windows in a bad light as they aren’t produced in an environmentally friendly way. During their production, toxic fumes are released into the atmosphere and this results in unsightly black clouds. This high level of air pollution endangers both animal and plant life. Their other destructive element has to do with them being non-biodegradable, and so centuries after their disposal, they can never rot. Instead, they will form a permanent eyesore feature of the environment, aside from occupying precious space.

Plastic sliding sash windows have a short guarantee period upon purchase, and this is never good for the consumer. Additionally, when you need to repair them, you are going to have a hard time getting a skilled handyman to bring them back to shape. This is because they are not easily dismantled to allow any repair work to be done and their different components are not easy to make outside of the factory environment. This means that in most cases you will have to do a complete window replacement or get the original installer, neither of which comes cheap.

The other sad fact is that when you feel a need for a facelift, you are never going to change the colour of your plastic sash windows. This is unlike the case with wood where all you need is a simple brush of your favourite colour of paint. Many people still shy away from using plastic sliding sash windows because they have not undergone adequate testing. Their use still remains controversial.

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