Sash windows are made from a range of materials the main of which are wood, plastic and metal. Wood has been used for the longest time while plastic and metal are more recent materials of choice. Wood windows were thought to have poor insulating properties and so plastic and metal were added to the list to make up for these shortcomings. Wood is also more expensive when compared to the other two. Metal was a favourite for a while before being overtaken by plastic or uPVC. However, each of these three sash materials is preferred by different people for various reasons.

Metal sash windows are a recent development. They came to be appreciated when it was realised that they were more durable and better at saving energy than their wooden counterparts. They slowly made their way into new buildings including residential homes. Metal is mainly used in the construction of the window framework. The main metals used are Aluminium and Steel. Of the two, Aluminium is more popular due to its light weight and cheaper price.

Metal sash windows have both their strong points and weak points.
Their main positive qualities are:

  • They are of high strength.
  • They have high impact resistance and so they are able to retain their form even when exposed to strong forces. They will not give way as is the case with uPVC.
  • They are durable and will serve you for a very long time before there is need for a replacement.
  • They are easier to install when compared to wood.
  • They are easy to maintain. Their repair is much easier unlike plastic or wood.metal sash windows

Their main negative qualities are:

  • They have poor insulation properties in that they are quick to let out heat during winter and to let it in as well during summer.
  • They have poor soundproof qualities when compared to plastic or wood.
  • You will suffer more noise disturbances with metal windows than with plastic.
  • When exposed to moisture they are likely to corrode and the results are never eye appealing. Corrosion is the main problem you will have to deal with.

Common metal sash window problems
Most of the problems likely to be encountered with these metal windows has to do with poor protective finishing or caulking between the frame and the wall to which they are attached. This creates a gap for moisture or water to get in contact with the metal thus causing corrosion. This is also the case when the windows get older and the gaps between the various window components gets wider to allow in air and water.

These corrosion problems are usually prevented by using protective coatings or finishing. The repair that needs to be done will require the upgrading or replacement of the weather stripping section of the window. The other common problem one is likely to encounter is them sticking as they are opened. This can be caused by paint pileup, damaged window operators or corrosion. This kind of problem usually calls for the sash replacement

Metal sash windows make wonderful features if you use them for your outdoor windows such as those in the terrace or patio section of your home or building. In order for you to enjoy using these metal windows, you have to ensure that the finishing is right to prevent corrosion.

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