When you notice that your sash windows are in poor condition or are not up to standard, you do not necessarily have to replace them with new installations, what could be required is refurbishment. Sash windows refurbishment is an important undertaking as it restores the working state of the windows in order to prolong their lifespan. This is especially important when you are dealing with Georgian or Victorian homes. Most of these old homes had timber sash windows and this makes them very prone to rot. Another shortcoming of timber sash windows is that they are poor insulators.

During sash windows refurbishment, repairs are done in such a way that the windows’ traditional outlook is preserved. Some improvement can be made in the area of the windows’ insulating properties. Most parts are recycled, and only badly damaged components are replaced with new fittings making it an environment friendly process. Refurbishment  increases property value by making it more visually appealing and this is a good thing when you put your home up for sale. First impressions are very important in property marketing.

Sash windows refurbishment is an intensive exercise and this creates an environment where it is very easy for accidents to happen. Sash window repair equipment also requires special handling and skills. This therefore calls for all the necessary precautions to be taken so that injuries are kept at a minimum. Refurbishment is usually done by professionals but this does not rule out possibilities of people getting hurt as repairs are being done. Observation of safety guidelines during refurbishment is particularly important if you do the job yourself but are deficient in refurbishment skills. Chances of being injured are increasingly high.

During sash windows refurbishment, it is important that the right tools are used and that protective clothing is worn to prevent contact injuries. The windows to be repaired should be within easy reach and the ground you are standing on should be firm to avoid falls. A firm ladder of suitable height should be used where appropriate. Another area that needs special attention is glass because it requires special handling to avoid breakages and injuries. This is particularly true if the glass is old as it tends to be very fragile.

A lot of caution has to be observed with lead paint. Traditional sash windows were usually painted using lead based paints which is a health hazard. If you confirm that this is the case with your windows, you will have to take safety measures to protect yourself and the environment. Ensure that the area you are working is isolated and well ventilated. Wear protective gloves, masks, hat and slippers. When sanding and stripping, dampen the surfaces to minimise air pollution. Avoiding taking any meals or smoking in such a working area. All clothing used in this area should be confined here and should be washed separately from the rest of the laundry. Wash your hands well each time you leave the area.

When all is said and done, it may not be possible to rule out any injuries or accidents taking place during sash windows refurbishment and so a first aid kit should be within reasonable distance and you should be well versed with first aid basics. A telephone and an emergency number are important items to have in such an accident prone environment. Always ensure that your family or colleagues know where you are. Try not to work alone.

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